Physio Roll 45cm (including free pump).

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Product: Physio Roll 45cm (including free pump).

The Physio Roll/Gym Ball has been added to our range of Anti-burst Gym Balls. It's unique shape offers stability and different treatment options for clients who find exercises on a gym ball difficult.  The stability come from  limiting movement to one direction.

The cylinderical shape ensures the ball will only move on one plane, can be used as a seating option when movement in one direction only is required.  A second seating option is for the child to straddle the ball.

When inflated the item is 45cm in diameter and approximatly 120cm long.

Can be used for bouncing and for deep pressure calming by rolling over the top after a workout.

Purchase includes free pump (value $5.90)

Retail Price:AU$45.00
Our Price: