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March Newsletter

Article: What Is Praxis?

Products: Percy The Platypus, Sensory Tools Dog Tag (New)

Upcoming conferences: Traffic Jam Live, Praxis Conferences.

February Newsletter 2016

Article: Students with disability shouldn't be underestimated

Products: Back to School Extravaganza

Upcoming Conference: Traffic Jam Live

January Newsletter 2016

Article: ADHD and Emotions: What You Need to Know

December Newsletter

Article: The Difference Between Tantrums and Sensory Meltdowns

Gen's CD's
Ball Fitness Kit
Early Bird Traffic Jam

Book Review: Suzie Books

September Newsletter 2015

Traffic Jam Online

Genevieves CD's

Book Review: Unlocking The Mysteries of Sensory Dysfunction

July Newsletter 2015

New Products:
Ben's School Daze
Hanging Crows Nest Outdoors
Hammock For Children

Product Review: Social Thinking

June Newsletter 2015

Book Review: Sensational Kids

Product Review: The Alert Program

Upcoming Courses: Traffic Jam In My Brain Online

April Newsletter 2015

Book Review: The Out Of Sync Child Has Fun

Product Review: Indigo Dreams CD's and Stress Free Books

Upcoming Course: MORE

News: E Parcel Started

March Newsletter 2015

Book Review - Building Bridges Through Sensory Intergration

Product Review - Move About Activity Cards

Upcoming Courses:
Traffic Jam In My Brain
MORE Course

February Newsletter 2015

Book Review - The Explosive Child

Product Review - Balance Board

Upcoming Courses:
Traffic Jam In My Brain
MORE Course