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Product: Swing - Bolster Swing


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The Bolster Swing is a great piece of suspended equipment for your clinic, home or school.
The possibilities are endless with the bolster swing, providing your client/s with great vestibular in-out combine with a great core work out.
Can be used with two children at once, or one parent/therapist and child.
For the ultimate challenge see how long your child can hang on upside down, just like a monkey!
Made from quality vinyl.
Each bolster swing comes with a set of height adjusters for fast and easy swing height adjustment.
Length = 92cm
Diameter = 26cm
Maximun Weight = 80kg

(Needs to be mounted with Ceiling Bolts approx 1 mtre apart)



Ceiling support must be designed around the most rigorous environment, not necessarily the current one. Your ceiling support point should meet the following standards no matter what population you treat or the manner in which you treat them.

Ceiling supports should be able to support at least a 455kg working load at up to a 45-degree angle in any direction, regardless of ceiling structure. Keep in mind that during treatment activities, the forces acting on the ceiling eyebolt will not always be straight down. Even a gentle swing on the equipment varies the angle of those forces on the ceiling support point. There should be no more than .25" of movement in your eyebolt, which is up to and inclusive of the stated 455kg, 45-degree pull. Eyebolt movement beyond .25" or any rotation under any load is UNSAFE.

WARNING! Eyebolts will wear with use and must be inspected on a regular basis. Discontinue use of eyebolt and replace immediately when wear begins to show, never letting wear exceed 30%.

In ceiling support applications, following the inspection and maintenance checklist that comes with the product is even more critical where components of the ceiling support are above a dropped ceiling. In these situations, loose or worn components are typically only discovered by a scheduled inspection.

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