PlayAway 3 Piece Combo

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Product: PlayAway 3 Piece Combo
Get the support bar, trapeze bar and strap swing in this combo kit to save buying them separately!
It's a dream... just hang it up and swing!
Playaway Toy Company Incorporated has brought the fun indoors with the Rainy Day Indoor Playground.
Used successfully by parents and therapists,The Rainy Day Indoor Playground offers a unique suspension system. At the center of the system is the Support Bar (73cm to 91cm (29" to 36") in width)easily suspended in any doorway. Choose one of our attachments, hang it up and you have instant recreation!
Sensory Tools recommends ONLY hard mounting this item for safety reasons and asks customers to consider they will require this equipment to be screwed into a doorframe so recommends checking with their landlords/employers that hard mounting is suitable for your circumstances if required.
Parents and Therapists across the country are giving a 5 star approval to the Rainy Day Indoor Playground and love the results that they are seeing with daily use.
Weight Limits
When Hard Mounted:
Trapeze Bar = 45 KG
Strap Swing = 45 KG
To be used strictly under adult supervision - never leave attachments hanging from support bar when not in use.
See attached link for hard mounting installation:
Our Price: