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June Newsletter 2017

May Newsletter 2017

November Newsletter 2016

Article: Study offers potential breakthrough in care of children with autism

Products: Gen's CD's

Conferences: Traffcic Jam Online - Extension

October Newsletter 2016

Article: Slow Processing Speed and Anxiety: What You Need to Know

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Respiration Kits 1/2/3
I Have A Worry Colouring in Book

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September Newsletter 2016

Article: How Weighted Blankets Are Helping People With Anxiety

New Products: All Seasons Weighted Blanket

Coming Soon: Wally The Wombat

Conferences: Handwriting Without Tears

Upcoming Conferences: Traffic Jam In My Brain Online

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August Newsletter 2016

Article: What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades

The In Sync Activity Book
The Loving Push
Balloon Ball Animals
Soft Play 23 Piece Set

Book Review: School Shadow Guidelines

Upcoming Conferences: Handwriting Without Tears, Traffic Jam Online

June/July Newsletter

Article:  Calm Fit and the Clinical Effects of Deep Pressure

Calm Fit T-Shirt
I Have A Worry
Autism and the Extended Family
School Shadow Guidelines
Wedge Cushion
One Way Valve
Balloon Cover
Rubber Razzer
Album 4 Pack

Book Review: I Have A Worry

Upcoming Conferences: Handwriting Without Tears, Traffic Jam Online

May Newsletter 2016

Article: The Marshmallow Test: What It Tells Me About Kids With ADHD

Products: Mad May Specials

Upcoming Conferences: Praxis, Handwriting Without Tears

April Newsletter 2016

Article: Autism in girls often unreported and missed or misdiagnosed, support group says

Wooden Fidget Tool
Eye Spy Bag

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March Newsletter

Article: What Is Praxis?

Products: Percy The Platypus, Sensory Tools Dog Tag (New)

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