Chewlery Necklace & Bracelet Combo

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Product: Chewlery Necklace & Bracelet Combo

Sold as 1x Bracelet & 1x Necklace

The image is only showcasing the colours available

New Chewlery Combo pack comprising 1 x bracelet and 1 x necklace - Please notesome colour combos are not available in pairs and we don't guarantee matching colours but do our best to use colours that tone together.

Jewellery that can be chewed!Using stretchable,non-toxic Chewlery is a great way to keep kids from chewing on their clothes, while letting them work through their chewing tendencies. Also great for oral-motor stimulating activities.Use with adult supervision.

Available in bright unisex color tones of fire engine red, yellow, orange, purple ,emerald green, royal blue or white.

If particular colour preference is required, please note it in the comments section of the "purchase information" however at this time, our stock supply is quite limited. We will do our best to fulfill either "girl" or "boy" traditional colours but only have a very limited range (orange, yellow, white, purple). Please also note that combos may not be of the same colour for both pieces.

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