Climagel Weighted Blanket - Size 1 - Blue Stars Print (80 x 120cm, 2kg)

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Product: Climagel Weighted Blanket - Size 1 - Blue Stars Print (80 x 120cm, 2kg)

The Climagel Weighted Blanket has recently filed for both an Australian Innovation Patent and an International Patent. The Climagel Weighted Blanket has been years in the making and was developed by a Paediatric Occupational Therapist who is trained in Sensory Integration therapy. The features of the Climagel Weighted Blanket include:

  • Fully removable Winter/Summer cover for washing
  • The Gel filled blanket itself can be easily wiped clean with a sponge
  • Entire blanket can be easily heated by placing in a clothes dryer for 5-10 mins, or until desired heat is reached
  • For those clients who overheat easily, the gel blanket can be cooled in a freezer for those hot summer nights where weight is still desired to sleep
  • Conforms to your body and is not bulky or uncomfortable to use
  • Winter cover ismade froma 100% cotton cover that is sandwiched between a high quality 10 0% Mulberry Silk wadding. Mulberry Silk Quilts mould flat across your body for a smooth finish. Mulberry silk is a breathable, hypo allergenic natural fibre that allows your body to breath, keeping you cool throughout summer nights and warm in winter. This is excellent for allergy sufferers.
  • Summer Cover is made from 100% cotton and does not have a fibre filling. This is great for those clients who easily overheat and can not tolerate a quilt on them in summer.
  • The weight is evenly distributed throughout the blanket and not concentrated in only one part of the blanket.

This product is covered by a 12 month manufacturer's warranty.

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