HWT - 1st Grade - My Printing Book First Grade

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Product: HWT - 1st Grade - My Printing Book First Grade

For those in first grade or those working at that level.

This workbook showcases lessons that emphasises the correct use of lowercase letters in words and sentences, activity pages that combine handwriting instructions with other language arts lessons and also practice pages that teach the child to write on different styles of lines.

The Slate Chalkboard can be used with this book and others. It can be used with our Little Chalk Bits to practice letters and numbers or even writing words. Links Below.

Slate Chalkboard-http://shopau.sensorytools.net/as_hwt?productID=3313

Little Chalk Bits- http://shopau.sensorytools.net/index.php?contentID=1821&product_category=316&productID=3646

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