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Eyesight to Insight Visual/Vestibular Assessment and Treatment View Products >>

    Many children have unidentified visual and vestibular challenges which interfere with the development of physical, emotional, and cognitive skills including receptive and expressive language, reading, and writing.

    This 2-day workshop provides a practical opportunity for participants to interact with a sensory integrative occupational therapist and a developmental optometrist as they collaborate on the goal of facilitating optimum performance in children with movement and vision issues.

    Speakers will reveal and clarify some of the mysteries of previously ambiguous performance issues in childhood. Participants will develop a broader net for capturing the subtleties of visual-vestibular behavior by gaining insight into underlying causes.

    Hands-on experience will provide ample opportunity for participants to learn how to administer a vision screening examination. Comprehensive treatment protocols, including the Kawar Oculo-Vestibular Protocol, will be shared so that therapists are exposed to a broad range of practical, innovative, sequential vestibular-visual activities and exercises for use with their clients.


Participants will be able to:
1. Administer a vision screening examination.
2. Refer clients for optometric evaluation effectively using standardized criteria.
3. Demonstrate powerful treatment strategies that utilize the vestibular-oculomotor-cervical triad.
4. Describe the paradigm shift that indicates that functional performance is driven by vision and movement.

Who Should Attend:

 - Occupational Therapists
 - Physical Therapists
 - Speech Pathologist
 - Psychologists
 - Developmental Optometrists
 - Special Educators
 - Interested Others

Product: 2017 Eyesight to Insight - Live Tour - Early Bird Rate
Description: With Mary Kawar, MS, OT/L & Carl Hillier, OD, FCOVD Check out the Eyesight to Insight Brochure 2017 2 Day Conference Intermediate Level Course Early Bird Until 1 month prior to... more >>
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The Traffic Jam In My Brain ONLINE With Genevieve Jereb O.T. View Products >>

What They're Saying:

  • "(I) ...did then the equally amazing online course and benefitted greatly from it for helping my son. with that a fab OT and heaps of other research my boy is now a well-adjusted teenager with " normal" issues. This lead me to an interest in OT related work which I now do in aged care. Any parent in Perth dealing with kids with sensory issues, go and do this workshop!" -- Anja D.
  • "I have done this course. It will provide you with a wealth of information and strategies to help children with sensory problems, and open your eyes to an understanding of why some children although they have knowledge and skills are unable to perform in school to show their full potential. I have just pulled my notes out again to review and use in my job as a Learning and Support Teacher. Great for children with ASD and ADHD or those that just can't focus enough to complete the tasks they are asked to do." -- Michelle B.
  • "Gen is the best a real gem, explaining why our kids have a 'Traffic Jam in their Brain' - Once it’s said the way Gen says it, it just makes sense and you walk out happy-crying-nodding your head because it just makes so much sense.There Is A 'Reason' For Everything Our Kids Do or Don't Do'. We just finally have to listen and understand the real reasons and you certainly have an ‘aha’ moment. Actually lots of times during this training, which changes everything for you as a parent and most important changes things for your kids! I did this Course 8yrs ago with my sister, then for work, then for me (3times now) and you take more and more away each time. Amazingly Gen just gets better at what she is able to teach-share and explain. Always impressed Ta." -- Nicole W.

Genevieve Jereb O.T. -- The Traffic Jam In My Brain LIVE View Products >>

A Sensory Processing Approach to Challenges Associated with Autism, ADHD, Learning and Behavioural Differences

Presented by international speaker and songwritrer Genevieve Jereb O.T., "The Traffic Jam In My Brain” is a fun, informative and interactive seminar designed for parents, therapists and other professionals. You will gain understanding of the basics of sensory processing and learn "ready-to-use" strategies to support learning, attention, social and emotional relationships and behaviour in children. 

This workshop gives you a set of dynamic, practical tools incorporating:

  • Regulation
  • Respiration
  • Rhythm
  • Relationship
  • Play & Movement

Who Should Attend?

  • Parents
  • Educators
  • Care Givers
  • Pre-School Teachers
  • Child Care Workers
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech Pathologists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Physicians
  • Paediatricians
  • Other Professionals who work with children

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