Greenspan Combination Pack

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Product: Greenspan Combination Pack



In our Greenspan combination pack, you will receive The Challenging Child and The Child with Special Needs.  Both are essential resources for professionals and parents in gaining assistance in understanding how the child with special needs ticks.

See both book synopsies below.


The Child with Special Needs

By Stanley I. Greenspan, MD and Serena Wieder, PHD.

The comprehensive approach to developmental challenges including Autism, PDD, language and speech problems, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, ADD and other related disorders.

A must read for parents, professionals and loved one of children with special needs.  This book is an absolute must have item in your special needs resource library.


The Challenging Child

By Stanley Greenspan, M.D.

Most children fall into five basic personality types that stem from inborn physical characteristics: the sensitive child, the self-absorbed child, the defiant child, the inattentive child, and the active/aggressive child. Stanley Greenspan, M.D., is the first to show parents how to match their parenting to the challenges of their particular child. He identifies and vividly describes these five universal temperaments and then, with great empathy, shows parents how each of these children actually experiences the world and how to use daily childrearing to enhance an individual child's strengths and talents.

This book is an absolute must have in your special needs resource library.

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